My cats have awesome personalities.  From watching TV to playing with computers and I pads.  My cats  are like kids.  They are very devoted to their owners and like to be where you are.  sweet and playful.


​Persian and Himalayan Kittens


Making a purebred Affordable for pet lovers

This is Isabella.  She is a blue point Himalayan.  She has a feisty sweet personalities. liitle bit of a Diva.    A great hawk momma with her babies. Beautiful blue eyes.

 This is Hershey.  He is a Black smoke persian,  but looks dark chocolate at times. large yellow eyes with a baby dolls face. sweet nature.


Many people love Persians, but because of the cost of purebreeds are unable to own one as a pet.  I would like to help those who would love to own one by offering a payment plan over 3 months.  I also offer a waitlist.  As you are looking for a good breeder, I am looking for a good owner for my kittens.  I reserve I right to not sell to you if I fear the kitten will be mistreated...  

     I have a waitlist for Blue points, seal points and Persians.  If you change your mind to what you want you will be placed behind on that list that requested before you.


Isabella and Hershey grew up together and are childhood sweethearts.  I breed them a couple times a year. They are my pets and I want to make sure they and their kittens are healthy.

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