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                                                   Kitten Purchase Agreement


This agreement is made on this ____day of____________between_________(buyer)  and ______________(seller) for the Purchase of Kitten for 1.  Pet______  or Breeder_______.

Breed_________ Color___________ Sex________ D.O.B.________________

Sire_____________ Dam________________ Litter Registration #_______________CFF

  Purchasers  Information

Name_____________________________ phone#_______________________


Email address__________________________________________


Purchase agreement as follows.

1. If kitten bought for pet,  Purchaser agrees to have the kitten altered before the age of 8 months. 

2. The kitten will not be mistreated, will have fresh food, water, and a clean litter box. The kitten will receive kind human attention.

3.  The seller will give purchaser at time of purchase a kitten toy, Proof of first shots and de wormer, First bag of kitten food and CFF registration papers.

4.  Under no circumstances will this kitten be sold, leased, or given away to pet shop, research laboratory, shelter of any kind.  This kitten is being entrusted to you for a forever home.

5. The purchaser agrees to take kitten to the vet for yearly veterinary examination at least once a year.

6.  The purchaser will only allow kitten outside under close supervision.

7.  New kittens may show signs of stress during integration including, but not limited to, sneezing, discharge from the nose and eyes, diarrhea and or constipation.  These effect will be minimized by feeding kitten food provided and if changing food please wean slowly to new food.

8. Seller guarantees that the kitten is free of any genetic defects for a period of 1 year from the above date of sell.


This KITTEN IS GURANTEED OF SOUND HEALTH UPON DELIVERY OR ARRIVAL FOR A PEWRIOD OF 72 HOURS. Failure to have kitten checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours will VOID this guarantee. It is recommended that the new kitten be quarantined during that 72 hours.  If kitten is found to be medically deficient with a untreatable of life-threatening problem, this must be reported to the seller immediately.  The kitten should be returned to the seller.  Upon the kitten return it will be replaced with another kitten at equal value or the buyer will be refunded the full payment of kitten. Purchaser must bring proof of condition from a licensed veterinary. The kitten cannot be returned for compensation after the guaranteed period.  The purchaser agrees to provide kitten with immediate veterinary care if kitten shows signs of distress illness or injury.  If kitten dies within the guaranteed period, despite medical treatment, compensation or replacement will not be given unless veterinarian certifies cause of death. Purchaser is responsible for any veterinary bills of this kitten after leaving seller’s residence.  I t is further agreed that this guarantee of health is null and void if kitten is vaccinated for FelV or Fip in the first year pf hi/her life.  Seller does not guarantee against fungus.

10.  If kitten is declawed the guarantee is null and void.

11. If purchaser is not able to properly care for kitten, if may be returned to seller at purchasers cost.

12.  The seller agrees to given advice and counsel, when possible, without liability.

13.The purchaser agrees to update the seller on the progress of the cat as a pet or breeder.

14. The seller cannot guarantee on how the kitten’s color, size, markings, temperament, and or coat will develop.

15.  If seller find they are their household is allergic within the first 72 hours the seller will guarantee refund.

16.  This contract is non-transferable

By signing below, the buyer and seller indicate that they have read and agree with all the stated terms of this agreement.

Purchasers signature _______________________________________Date____________________

Sellers’s signature_________________________________________ Date____________________


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